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Keynote & Workshop Topics

Custom Keynotes/Workshops available upon request


Conversation Starter

Getting The Transgender Conversation Started...

Have you and/or your organization wanted to learn more about Transgender issues, but not sure where to begin, or what questions to ask? Well, Jeremy will take your audience through the Trans basics; The Do's, the Don'ts, common terms, as well as, address those questions that many individuals, groups and organizations have. And with his sense of humor and eloquent speaking style, Jeremy will not only educate and inform the crowd, but will also entertain; leaving the audience with concrete information and an action plan to help their group or company to become more understanding and inclusive. Book Jeremy now to get the transgender conversation started in your organization!

Overcoming Fear and Embracing Change!

Change can be difficult for all of us, even when that change is planned and welcomed. And all too often, fear creeps in and challenges our confidence, beliefs and opinions of ourselves. Jeremy, has faced many changes and challenges in his life, both professionally and personally, and has successfully navigated through the fear and uncertainty. In this keynote, he not only shares his journey of overcoming fear and doubt, but will encourage and guide the audience to jump in and embrace change as well.

Overcoming Obstacles


Are You Living An Authentic Life?

What does it mean to be authentic? Are you living authentically? Are you the person you want to be? These questions are more important than people realize. It's easy to become focused on things, tasks, even other people, but its just as important to take a personal inventory and tune into ourselves. Once we can identify who we are and who we want to be, the next question is, are we living that truth and how does our authentic self show up in our relationships, professionally and personally. This keynote addresses those hard questions, and through real-life stories, Jeremy empowers and challenges the audience to be fully present in their lives, embrace their authenticity, and to step up & live life to its fullest!

Do You know What Your Passion In Life Is? 

For many of us, we can identify our likes and dislikes in life, and can probably dream of what we wish our future looked like, but it is far more challenging to find our passion, let alone, go after it. Jeremy thought that as well for many decades, but as he will share, finding and living our passion isn't as difficult as fear would have us believe. Book this keynote today and start the journey of discovering, planning, and living your life's passion!




Colleges & Universities

For keynotes designed specifically for college and university campuses, please click on the logo below to be directed to Jeremy's CAMPUSPEAK webpage.

Sample topics include:

  • How To Be An Ally To The LGBTQ+ Community on Campus

  • Making Your Campus Safe & Inclusive to LGBTQ+ Students

  • Beyond The Binary: Reframing Gender "Norms"

  • Training Workshops for RA's, Orientation, Admin & More!

Discounts available on book orders for your group!
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