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About Jeremy...

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Everyone experiences change and obstacles in life, and Jeremy is no exception. After many decades of struggling with his identity and purpose in life, he made the decision to embrace his uniqueness, move through fear and doubt, and live a truly authentic and happy life. Transitioning from female-to-male at the age of 37, Jeremy was able to draw from his life challenges, partner them with his entrepreneurial business acumen, to create a successful and passion-driven career.

Originally from Michigan, Jeremy graduated from the University of Colorado, with a BA in Anthropology, owned a successful franchising company for over fifteen years, and is now, living his dream.


Today, Jeremy is the author of, Taking The Scenic Route To Manhood, a professional speaker with CAMPUSPEAK, and a consultant. He takes his audience and clients along on his journey of self discovery, and encourages them to ask the tough questions that hold us back, "Am I living authentically?" "Who am I destined to be?" and "Why am I standing in my own way of achieving success?"

"It Get's Better"
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