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"Jeremy is both comfortable and fascinating in front of any audience. He is present and attentive to the audience, while delivering his story with humor, inspiration, and the ability to create relationship with every person in the room. You cannot help but to be engaged in his topic, the content, and how it is delivered. What Jeremy has to say, truly makes a difference."

                          - Ron Quinn, Human Rights Campaign - Las Vegas, National Board of Governors

"I had read Jeremy’s book, and also watched several of his videos online, to get an idea as to what I could expect from his presentation.  However, nothing compares to hearing Jeremy speak in person.  He captured our attention, he made us laugh, and he also touched our hearts.  He spoke to issues important to people of all ages in our audience.  He engaged us, and made us comfortable to ask appropriate questions.  Time spent listening to Jeremy, is time well spent."

                                                       -Christina Berta Bailey, Outreach Coordinator, PFLAG Las Vegas

"Jeremy spoke to the Army Reserve Soldiers and the Department of the Army Civilians of the 63rd Regional Support Command, and he was an awesome motivational speaker. He is truly a leading voice for equality and inclusion."

                                - Angela Delancy, MSG, US Army Reserves, 63rd Regional Support Command

"This book will change your way of thinking in such a profound way!  We all have a heart and our heart has a pound desire to find its calling.  As humans we are so fragile to judgments but when we learn to clear out mind and let our hearts lead we will find the strength to conquer ourselves and stand within our truth.  This book is a powerful reminder of the power of self!"


                                                                                - Nicole Gabriel, Author of Finding Your Inner Truth

“No matter our sexual orientation, gender, color, or religion, we all have secret desires to live our lives to the fullest. Most of us fear showing our true selves to others. But Jeremy Wallace embraced his desires, controlled his fear, and did what his heart told him to do—to become the man he knew he should be. Read this book, laugh, cry, be inspired, and then follow his example of being true to yourself.”

        - Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., and Award-Winning Author of The Best Place and Arthur’s Legacy 

“Every now and then, I run across a book that truly shares the warmth and goodness of the human spirit. This book is one of those masterpieces. Jeremy Wallace has done a fantastic job exposing his struggles to the world, allowing us to get inside his mind, as he transforms himself into a newer, more passionate in- dividual destined to achieve his goals. This book is truly a ‘caterpillar to a butterfly’ story that you can embrace and enjoy, and feel forever changed after reading it. Kudos, a brilliant piece of work!”

                                                                            — Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author of

                                     Creating Your Own Destiny, The Affluent Entrepreneur, and Boy Entrepreneur 

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